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What's Twerton Park Like?

This is an old classic looking ground that just oozes character. On one side are two seated covered stands. The oldest of these is the Main Stand, that looks as of it has been there from almost when the ground opened in 1909, but probably dates later than that. It has a raised covered seating area, which means that spectators have to climb a small set of stairs to enter it. It has a steeply angled roof which points sharply downwards, with windshields to each side and a number of supporting pillars across the front. Below is a small uncovered terrace area, in front of which are the team dugouts. Beside the Main Stand is a smaller more modern structure, which is all seated, covered and has a couple of supporting pillars. This stand is known as the Family Stand and is now allocated to away fans.

On the other side off the ground, is a rather old but quaint looking covered terrace that runs the full length of the pitch. At one end is large steep open terrace that is known as the Bristol End, which is also given to away fans. There is a noticeable slope to the pitch that descends from this area down to the other end of the ground. This open end has a small shallow terrace that has nets behind in an attempt to stop balls being kicked out of the ground. The ground is completed by a set of four traditional floodlights in each corner of the stadium.

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